Sana & Sheraz

When my childhood friend Sheraz, approached G5 Studio to cover their big day it was an honour and also quite a difficult decision. This was not because G5 were not up to task, more so because I knew Sheraz personally and we never took anything seriously! Laughing, acting like kids, pulling silly faces was sure to be on the menu lol.

After meeting Sana, we knew this would be a great wedding to be a part of and considering their unique personalities, it was going to be great to capture on film.
Lets just say we might have a blooper video in the works!

We suggest you watch this in 1080p if possible..(please let video load first then play)
Also decent set of earphones, or 5.1 surround even better.

Part of our Premiere Cinematic™ collection.
Congratulations Sana & Sheraz from everyone at the G5 Team.
This is Sana & Sheraz!!!
Shahed Uddin (G5 Studio, Creative Director)