Well we got our A7s and guess what? time to join the night party!! This is definitely a camera you want to go night time sight seeing with.
First test shoot of the UK’s second city. All filmed on a late Sunday evening, hence why the City Centre looks deserted.

Just a few pointers with shooting Slog2 and S Gamut. This Profile is definitely the one if you want maximum Dynamic range, however be prepared for some tweaking in post. I was exposing most shots about a stop over to try and control noise levels back in post. Shadows tended to be more noisy when I underexposed however the noise you get is not like the Canon DSLR’s. It is more organic and film like if you please, not that electronic digital ugliness. I have yet to shoot with Slog in daylight, which will be interesting at ISO 3200.

I had my Peaking on high and found that it was an issue when shooting lit up signs, with a lot of yellow I thought I nailed focus, but later found that not to be the case. May be a good idea to shoot with it on Low/Mid.

The detail this camera captures at 1080p is far superior to Canon, the full sensor readout without line skipping is wonderful. Whats even more remarkable is how much detail is kept at high ISO’s. After some de-noising and sharpening I was shocked at how sharp a shot looked at 80 000 ISO!
After many sleepless nights over the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s I’m so glad I went with this camera:)
Please watch till the end, as I have put in some grade wipes of before and after so you can get a feel for what the raw SLOG2 looks like, and then the prettier version.

PP:Slog 2 factory preset
ISO: shots range between 3200-80000
f-stop: 2.8-5.0
Shutter: 1/50
FPS: 1080 24p
Lens: Canon 24-70 L